Here are Some Of The Dumb Things Folks Did Using Drones Last Year

This title shouldn't be a shocker for you in any way, since you might have seen a lot positive, negative and just unusual news about the drones and drone pilots. Surprisingly for some people, being a regular law-obidient drone pilot seems to be uninteresting, boring and mainstream. Those are just the pilots we'll be showing you today. A year ago TheWacky has created the video displaying top 10 stupid things folks do with their drones. Check it out in the video below.

If you made it all the way to the end of the video, we want to ensure you that the very last video of kidnapping the dog by the drone is totally fake, so don't be concerned, the dog is perfectly okay.

In this moment we will conclude the top 10 silly stuff that drone owners did with their drones:

  • Marriage proposal
  • The drone cat Orville
  • Pokemon Go Cheater
  • Taking a flight over white house
  • A crash of a drone in to geological wonder

  • Drone delivery of Champaign
  • Drones used to drop drugs
  • Stealing a dog with a drone
  • Dad built drone to follow son
  • Flamethrower drone

And that's it. These were the top 10 silly stuff that many people made with their drones. Hope you have discovered something from this online video. Everything you need to do is to follow the faa rules and fly safe

We hope you had a nice read!

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